Young troupe to present ‘Mean Girls The Musical’


Musical Theatre Ponte Vedra, launched last year by theatre veterans Jason and Katie Nettle with a production of “Something Rotten,” has returned for its second year with “Mean Girls The Musical.”

The show, based on the 2004 movie starring Lindsay Lohan and written by comedian Tina Fey, will feature 41 performers from Landrum Middle School and Ponte Vedra, Douglas Anderson and Beachside high schools.

It will be presented at 7 p.m. June 25, 26 and 27 at Ponte Vedra High School. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the door.

The show tells the story of Cady Herron, who as a new student at her high school tries to find her place. Meeting a trio of girls who comprise a kind of social royalty, Cady finds herself in a very complicated milieu. Friendships are formed and broken. Social statuses shift. Intrigue ensues. And in the end, there is redemption.

“‘Means girls’ is a blast,” said Lauryn Monnier, who plays Regina George, one of the pivotal characters. “The show itself is so much fun, and the comedic timing of the lines are hilarious. Playing such a polar opposite character of me has been so much fun and has given me an excuse to watch the Rachel McAdams 'Mean Girls' seven times in the past week.”

Lauryn said the Musical Theatre Ponte Vedra (MTPV) summer camp has helped her get better acquainted with others and make new friends.

“Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Nettle and MTPV for giving me this wonderful opportunity," she said.

“MTPV has been one of the most amazing processes I’ve ever been a part of,” said Abby Harrell, who plays Cady. “Everybody is so welcoming and supportive. They know how to get a show together!”

In fact, the team — both performers and those behind the scenes — put the show together in a very short time. The performers had just nine rehearsals to learn and perfect their acting, singing and dancing. This emulates the professional theatre, where no time is lost, and gives participants a real-world experience — something the Nettles know a lot about. The husband and wife team has performed in dozens of shows at Alhambra Theatre and Dining in Jacksonville, and Jason Nettle had a career that lasted more than a decade in New York City.

The MTPV performances will include full sets, costumes, lights and orchestration. The show is choreographed by Ponte Vedra High School alum Mel Ryzcko. 

Abby said playing the part of Cady “has been such a joy” and that she was glad the Nettles trusted her with the role.

Meredith Hill, who plays Gretchen, another key role, reflected on her experience with MTPV.

“It’s a fun challenge to put up a show in two weeks, but seeing the progress the cast makes in just one day of rehearsals is so rewarding,” she said. “I’ve also loved befriending kids from different schools around the area and seeing the talent and energy they bring to the stage.”

It should be noted that “Mean Girls The Musical” is not intended for younger audiences. It contains strong language, sexual content and portrayals of substance abuse. Still, the show is both popular and fun for those of appropriate age and enjoys the endorsement of its performers.

“You do not want to miss this outstanding production being brought together by some of the most dedicated kids in town!” said Abby.

After the curtain falls on “Mean Girls The Musical,” MTPV will hold its elementary school camp where younger students will learn songs and dances from Broadway shows. That will be held July 8-11. A final showcase will be presented for friends and family on July 11.

For further information about MTPV, “Mean Girls The Musical” or the kids’ camp, go to or, on Instagram, @musicaltheatrepontevedra.