Why I Serve: Bill Filipsic


On the latest edition of Why I Serve, featuring Wounded Warrior Project, the Recorder sat down with Bill Filipsic to discuss his time in the U.S. Navy, why he joined, his most memorable experiences, what his position entailed and more.

Which branch of the military did you serve in?

I was in the U.S. Navy for 21-and-a-half years as a quartermaster in the submarine service.

When did you serve?

I served from July 1991 to Dec. 31, 2012.

Why did you decide to serve in that branch of the military?

I decided to join the Navy because my whole family was in the Army, and every one of my uncles and father said that if I were to join the army, it wouldn’t be a good idea based on their experiences. I have a wide spectrum of 31 years retired, Vietnam, jungle warfare training and intel in my family. With their vast experience in the Army, they said “go ahead and do something different and join the Navy.”


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