Security booth supervisor a community hero


There are many important heroes around Ponte Vedra: veterans, police officers, firefighters and more. However, there is one local hero who is especially humble in her work. Jacqueline Stanczyk, the supervisor of Fairfield’s security booth, is one local hero who deserves recognition.

Stanczyk’s job is to regulate visitors who go into the Fairfield neighborhood, but her job is not always easy. She might have said, “Me, I’m not important,” but anyone who puts their life on the line on a daily basis is considered a hero.

Fairfield is a neighborhood in Ponte Vedra. There are about 462 families living in this gated residential. According to Stanczyk, her job is to “make sure of proper access control,” and as supervisor, “make sure other guards do their jobs.” She has been guarding Fairfield from unsafe intruders for 13 years.

Part of her job is accepting that she can and will be put in dangerous situations. Although, she said, suspicious people do not often try to enter, there was one occasion where she nearly lost her life.

An unusual car had pulled up to her booth and asked to be let in. Stanczyk knew that this person was neither a Fairfield resident nor a worker scheduled to come in that day. She refused entry to this individual. The person, suddenly filled with rage, got out of the vehicle. Stanczyk’s first instincts were to lock the doors of the booth and call the police. The intruder stormed up to the booth, began grabbing at the door and started threatening to kill Stanczyk. The police pulled up minutes later during the struggle and took the intruder away. Stanczyk recalls this incident as one of the scariest situations she faced while on the job.

Before becoming a security guard at a guard booth, Stanczyk originally worked as part of the security team for tennis professionals. She is a Florida native and grew up with a fascination for sports such as tennis. Eventually, she was meeting the pros and ensuring their safety when they came for tournaments in North Florida. Stanczyk is still in awe to this day that she was able to meet tennis stars and provide them safety.

Another reason she chose to enter this field is because she is a social person. Stanczyk said that she loves meeting new people, and it is her favorite part of doing her job. She usually has a good time meeting the residents because sometimes the “guests are not nice.”

When Stanczyk is not protecting the Fairfield residents, she is at home taking care of her two green winged Macaws. Both are a few weeks old and must be hand fed. Stanczyk said they are a lot of work and need constant attention, but she loves caring for them and enjoys watching them grow.

Stanczyk has plans to retire in the near future but said she will always treasure her time spent working in the Ponte Vedra community.

Soleil Shah is a student at Ponte Vedra High School.