Palm Valley Child Development named Special Olympics Unified Champion School

Institution awarded National Banner


Palm Valley Child Development, a local educational institution dedicated to fostering holistic development in children, recently announced its designation as a Special Olympics Unified Champion School, having received the highly regarded National Banner recognition.

Palm Valley Child Development was awarded this distinction in September and is one of 11 schools in St. Johns County to earn this title. Both a regional and state representatives of Special Olympics will present the school with a banner of recognition at the Special Olympics soccer game at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 13, at 185 Landrum Lane, Ponte Vedra Beach.

The National Banner recognition is awarded to schools that have consistently met and surpassed the 10 standards of excellence established by Special Olympics and a national panel of leaders from the education community.

These standards serve as a framework for the implementation of comprehensive inclusion practices that nurture a sense of belonging, engagement, collaboration and respect for all members of the student body and staff. The banner attests to Palm Valley Child Development's commitment to promoting inclusivity and ensuring that every student feels valued and supported during their educational journey.

“We are humbled and honored to be recognized as a Special Olympics Unified Champion School and to receive the National Banner,” said Vicky Holland, head of school. “It is truly a testament to the incredible commitment and dedication of our staff, the resilience and talents of our students and the unwavering support of our Palm Valley community. We remain committed to upholding the high standards that this recognition represents and look forward to continuing our journey of excellence in education.”

Being recognized as a Special Olympics Unified Champion School is an extraordinary accomplishment awarded only to those who uphold the standards of excellence set forth by Special Olympics and a national panel of educational leaders.

The philosophy of learning at Palm Valley Child Development is based on quality academics, movement, socio-emotional development, family involvement and recognition of the spirit at the heart of childhood.

The team-teaching cooperative provides small, mixed-age classes ranging from preschool through elementary, based on the four essential pillars of early intervention: child, parent, education and therapy. Multi-sensory classrooms engage students with challenging course material, authentic-learning opportunities and enriching co-curricular activities that support and cultivate their varied interests and talents. Services focus on the development of academic, social, emotional and behavioral skills through comprehensive trans-disciplinary instruction that recognizes and maximizes the individual strengths of each child.