One of Us: Tammy Barr


A Ponte Vedra Beach native and resident, Tammy Barr is the founder of LASH on Beach Boulevard in Jacksonville Beach. LASH is a high-end studio specializing in the application of eyelash extensions, full service facials, brow services (microblading and waxing) and permanent makeup, and a boutique filled with unique merchandise and skin care products.

Can you please briefly tell us about your background?

I’ve had a very successful career in hospitality. Working with the Ritz-Carlton really shaped my understanding of true hospitality and what it takes to deliver that level of service consistently. 

How did your LASH business start?

I wanted to build a place where customers could get quality lash and other beauty services and ultimately feel like they mattered. Knowing how eager the Beaches community is to support one of their own was a huge factor in opening LASH. I found a great partner, Amir Sabet, who I collaborated with in making it all happen. It took about nine months to find our location and complete the build-out. We started with a concrete vision and a concrete floor, and we’ve built LASH to be a place that I want every woman in Jacksonville to experience and fall in love with.

What distinguishes your studio from others?

The LASH service experience. The important part for me is creating an experience that makes customers want to come back again and again. Delivering that experience requires the right caliber of talent, so I created a very specific hiring and training protocol. Our mission is to deliver five-star experiences with every customer in every service.

What’s your favorite part about your job?

I love building personal connections and helping women feel good about themselves. There is a comfort in our studio that makes connecting with new people so easy. We encourage our customers to connect with each other. I love when I walk through the lash parlor and hear this terrific hum of voices, chatting, laughing and connecting. 

What do you enjoy most about living and working in the area?

I love the beach vibe. From Atlantic Beach to St. Augustine Beach, there is this communal culture that permeates through everything that goes on here. Wherever you go, there is a sense of connection. Regardless of age, income or gender, there is a beach communal culture that connects us all. My heart is at the beach.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Turn my phone off … just kidding! I am a huge Jaguars fan, so I love to watch the games with my husband at home. The best times ever are visiting my daughters in Gainesville and Tallahassee — yup, a house divided — and cooking when I find the time.

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