One of Us: Brian Moorman


A retired, two-time All-Pro NFL punter, Brian Moorman is now a Ponte Vedra Beach resident and a broker/owner of First Coast Sotheby’s International Realty, where he also lists and sells real estate with sales partner Jennifer Rowe as part of the Moorman/Rowe Group.

Can you please tell us about your background?

I grew up in a small town, Sedgwick, Kansas, about 20 minutes north of Wichita. I went to college at Pittsburg State University, where I met my wonderful wife of 18 years, I eventually landed in Buffalo after signing with the Seattle Seahawks out of college and playing two years in the NFL Europe for the Berlin Thunder. I have been retired from the NFL since 2014, when I went full time into real estate and am now an owner and partner in First Coast Sotheby’s International Realty.

 What is your favorite NFL memory?

It’s hard to pin down just one. My 15 seconds of fame comes from when I ran a fake punt in the Pro Bowl and got leveled by arguably the hardest hitting safety to play the game, Sean Taylor. Most would think I would have no memory after a hit like that, but I remember it quite well and get a lot of questions about it. However, if I had to choose a favorite memory, it would be a game against the Cincinnati Bengals in 2013 when I returned to Buffalo after playing most of 2012 in Dallas. It was my first game back in a Bills uniform, and I didn’t get to kick until there was only about a minute left in the first half. When I ran on the field to a standing ovation, the outpouring of support and cheers from the crowd will never leave my memory.


How has your experience in the NFL helped you as a realtor?

Dedication, attention to detail, focus, ability to communicate and willingness to train or work harder than the guy trying to take your job. All of these attributes were needed for me to succeed in the NFL. I find that I still use them all in some way, shape or form. When I stepped on the field, I always knew I was prepared for each situation because I overprepared at every practice. I use that same focus now in my business when listing and selling or helping other agents be successful in the office.

 What excites you most about your work in the real estate industry? 

It just fits me. I love working with people and trying to help. I’ve always had a passion for it in many ways, from the foundation we started in Buffalo to benefit children battling cancer ( to now in real estate. Buying or selling a home is more than a transaction. I view it as helping a family either make a huge transition, make a dream come true, or both. It’s likely one of, if not the biggest purchases a person will make in their lives. It doesn’t matter if it’s their first home or their final home, they are all important. As an owner and partner in the business, I also get the same opportunity to help the other agents be successful. Whether it is by representing the brand out in the community or helping agents personally, I take very seriously my role as an owner/broker. I’m living a dream and I want them to as well.

 How would you characterize the real estate market on the First Coast?

The very thing that makes the First Coast so appealing the wide-ranging housing opportunities from urban to suburban; from historic to brand new; from Intracoastal, to St. Johns River or Atlantic Ocean fronting; from comprehensively amenity-planned communities to rural acreage is also what makes that question very difficult to answer. The Jacksonville/Duval County market alone covers 3,698 square miles. The Northeast Florida Multiple Listing Service covers 25 regions that are further broken down into 125 areas each with their own unique attributes. With such broad housing diversity and vast opportunities, there isn't one single answer. It is also why it is so important to engage with a real estate professional when buying or selling a home. Buyers and sellers need to fully understand the nuances of their particular area in order to make informed decisions.

 If I had to make a broad statement about the Northeast Florida real estate market, I would say the overall increase in sale volume year over year and the general uptick in sales prices would indicate the market is exceptionally healthy. Interest rates are still very attractive, which positively impacts buyers’ ability to optimize their purchasing capacity. The First Coast is being discovered for the gem that it is for a host of reasons and that's part of why being a part of a dynamic and cutting-edge brand like Sotheby's International Realty is so exciting for me.

 What do you enjoy most about living in Ponte Vedra?

We have been coming to Ponte Vedra since 2002, when my wife and I would come here for the offseason and I would train for the next season. I’d say we gravitated to Ponte Vedra Beach for the same reasons most people do: the weather. We wanted to get away from the cold for a few months, but I would have to say the reason we have settled here permanently is the people. There are so many that are not “from” here that it seems like most are just genuinely happy to live here. Even if you go to the grocery store, you can barely be six steps in before someone asks to help you. People are just very friendly and neighborly. Being part of a community that gives back is also a big reason I like it here. In my time volunteer coaching for the track team at Ponte Vedra High School, or at the latest PTO fundraiser we were at, you see the involvement from the parents and others supporting the schools and it’s just amazing. That, coupled with charitable events and organizations like the Jay Fund, The Furyk Foundation, the DONNA, etc., it’s just a great place to live and call home. I’m happy we get to raise our son here.