Nease NJROTC sweeps 3 straight Georgia drill championships


In the world of NJROTC drill competitions, most schools compete in two to four per season, typically spaced a month or two apart in order to fully prepare. However, with COVID impacts affecting drill meet schedules across both Georgia and Florida, 2021 proved to be an atypical year.

As a result, Nease Navy JROTC’s varsity drill team competed in three sanctioned drill meets in 22 days, bringing home top honors each time.

Nease’s drill team captured three Georgia-sanctioned drill meet championships in Marietta, Leesburg and Lithonia on Oct. 23 and 30 and Nov. 13, topping 37 schools along the way. 

Of the 39 first place trophies at the combined three competitions, Nease took home top honors in 31 categories.

“Three major drill meets in four weeks was an incredible challenge for the team,” said unarmed basic drill commander Kaitlyn Boggs. “These championships reflect a total team effort.”

In addition to the team event trophies, 24 cadets took home individual medals for exceptional performance in academics or athletics, including noteworthy standouts Emmelie Neff, first place sit-ups; Ben Prohofsky, first place academics; Caden Byas and Brodie Mongon, four medals; Kaitlyn Boggs, Danielle Camacho, Nicholas Gallego, Isabella Rivera, Neff and Prohofsky, three medals.            

“We’ve got several areas where we need to focus and improve if we hope to win the state championship again this year,” said cadet Daniel Mahoney, commander of the armed exhibition team. “But our team chemistry is better right now than it’s ever been.”

Nease next competes at the Mandarin Drill Meet on Jan. 8.

Nease’s drill team finished third at the Navy National Academic, Athletic and Drill Championships in 2021.