MSD supports county’s request for temporary 'no parking' signs


The Ponte Vedra Beach Municipal Service District fully supported St. Johns County’s request to place temporary signage prohibiting parking along a portion of San Juan Drive during its meeting on March 11.

The signs will be placed along the westside of the route by the golf course beginning at 318 San Juan Drive and extending to the entrance of the maintenance building for the golf course.

The idea for the signs was initiated following an email from the county to the MSD board, presenting the signs as a possible temporary solution.

What makes the signs temporary is that they will only be up until the planned sidewalk project along San Juan Drive is completed, as once the sidewalk is in place, it will serve as a parking deterrent, because the board stated that it is not legal to park on a sidewalk.

“Can we ask that the signs face east, so you don’t see them when driving down the road, just when you pull in to park,” MSD trustee Kitty Switkes said. “That’s what they did on the (Ponte Vedra) boulevard.”

By having the signs in place, it will allow for deputies to enforce the instruction posted.

“If the county administrator says it’s OK to have signs up, then it makes it enforceable so the deputies can then write them tickets,” MSD trustee Mickey White said.

In other news from the meeting, 18 streetlights have been reported as “not working,” since the last MSD meeting, according to trustee Charles Callaghan, with five of those needing further clarification.

Callaghan informed the board that he planned to go out after the meeting and look at each of those five poles to get a closer look and mark the ones needing assistance with tape for easy finding by the service crew.

Trustee John Cellucci stated that the Ponte Vedra Beach public library will start being open on Sundays from 1 to 5 p.m. starting in April.

“It took us a long time to get these hours, so we want to make sure people are aware of them,” Cellucci said.

White attended the latest Citizens Traffic Task Force meeting and the big discussion coming from it was that intersection improvements along State Road A1A may have to be done in conjunction with repaving the entire A1A corridor.

According to White, this may be the best approach in the eyes of the Florida Department of Transportation, but the projected time frame for such a project would not be until 2028 or 2029.

The CTTF stressed that FDOT has stated the repaving of A1A through Ponte Vedra Beach is still several years from taking place, as once it gets approved it will take an additional two years after that. The expected approval is to make it an active project as part of the 2025 fiscal year budget.

White also continues to work on talking with county officials to find out solutions to deal with the sorting out of certain easements of land where drainage pipes run through that do not have a clear and certain owner.

“Resolving this would allow us to put together a complete and concise master plan,” White said.