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Kevin Copeland


Kevin Copeland is the vice chair of volunteer services for THE PLAYERS Championship in 2022. Over the years he has seen firsthand the hard work it takes behind the scenes to make the tournament the marquee event that it is and charitable impact THE PLAYERS has had on the local communities.

He is looking forward to interacting with both volunteers and fans at this year’s tournament.

Tell us a little about yourself and your background.


I have been in Jacksonville since 1996 and have seen the growth that this tournament has made in the area for the charitable organizations. 

I left to go to college in Orlando at UCF and came back after to work at Merrill Lynch. I believe that I will spend the rest of my career in Jacksonville where I can continue helping it grow over time.

How did you get involved with THE PLAYERS?


I met Adam Campbell at the University Club and we quickly became friends eating breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner at the same place around our rather busy work schedules. He did a wonderful job of telling of all the great things that they (THE PLAYERS) do, and I immediately looked to join the team.

What do you enjoy most about what the event offers and your current role as vice chair of volunteer services?


I love the fact that I get to assist with all of the hard work that has to go into getting the volunteers registered, uniformed, credentialed, onsite and volunteering.

This hands-on work lets you understand how much work truly goes into the background of getting 2,000-plus volunteers organized and supporting THE PLAYERS Championship.

What are some of your goals for this year’s event and how does that differ from previous years?


With this being my first year as a Chairman I want to make sure that I move around the course to interact with each of my committees.

It is truly important to let every volunteer know how much we truly appreciate and need all of their hard work to make this event the best event by the PGA Tour.

How have you seen THE PLAYERS impact the local community over the years?


The overall impact of THE PLAYERS is truly hard to quantify. Outside of the money that comes from the grants that are given, there are hours spent out in the community meeting new charities and making sure that we understand where we can help even more.

What do you enjoy most about living in the North Florida area?


North Florida is in an interesting position where it is growing by leaps and bounds year over year.

I truly enjoy the melting pot of people and cultures that you find wherever you go. This mixing is only making North Florida a more attractive place to live.

What do you like to do in your free time?

When I am not volunteering, I am out with my boys who keep me running in multiple directions. My youngest, Sebastian, has fallen in love with baseball and you can find me on the diamond three days out of the week.

My oldest, Aiden, has just crossed over to Boy Scouts where he wants to attain his Eagle Scout like his father. Aiden has found himself building a rather impressive Lego Technic collection over the last year as well.

Outside of these items, we enjoy boating on the weekends no matter the weather and finding new places to explore. 


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