Gallery to celebrate Black History Month with African art

Nigerian painter Chike Onuorah highlights unique cultural experiences


The works of Black artists, both local and global, are as varied as the lenses through which their unique perspectives may be viewed. Ovico Gallery will present contemporary masterpieces by African artist Chike Onuorah, a Nigerian-born painter, as part of Black History Month. The ever-rotating collection, featuring a career’s worth of works by the artist, will kick off with an open house from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 1, at 2802 N. 5th St., Suite 4, in St. Augustine.

The event is aimed at showcasing the achievements of Black artists, as well as awakening interest in artworks from the African continent. Onuorah is renowned for his bold use of color and wide range of subjects and styles informed by his world travels and raw talent.

“This is my passion, my job, my hobby, my life, my everything,” he says.

Both Onuorah and Ovico Gallery co-owner and curator Ugochi Nwoga are from Nigeria; Onuorah continues to make his full-time home there. Nwoga came to the United States as a girl. She grew up in Tallahassee, going on to earn a master’s degree in business administration from Northwestern University. Nwoga’s lifelong affinity for art — particularly, African art — led her to establish Ovico Gallery in St. Augustine.

“At Ovico Gallery, art serves as a powerful means of expression, telling stories that resonate within the soul — in our case, the true heartbeat of Africa,” said Nwoga. “This space truly is the manifestation of the dream to showcase the excellence and uniqueness of contemporary African art to the world. With a lot of hard work, we have expanded our reach to various people, entities and countries and have had fun doing so.”

The open house on Feb. 1 will serve as a formal introduction of the community to the gallery. Live music, light refreshments and cocktails will round out the festivities. The event is free.

“We’re really looking forward to the event as a great chance for people to come out and learn more about Ovico Gallery while celebrating Black History Month,” added Nwoga, noting that the support the gallery has received for the concept in St. Augustine continues to be extremely supportive.

In addition, Ovico Gallery plans to host a corporate week Feb. 18 through 24 so companies and other organizations can learn more about the gallery’s initiative to diversify their art portfolios.

Ovico Gallery is an arts exhibit space aimed at elevating the profile of African and African-American artists sharing their unique cultural perspective with art lovers everywhere. The gallery is by open appointment only for public and private viewings and events, as well as virtual tours.

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