First graders create light and shadow experience


In the science and technology labs at Jacksonville Country Day School, first graders embarked on a journey of creativity and exploration during their Makerspace Deep Dive. Students integrated their classroom studies of animal biomes with their scientific unit on the study of light and shadows to create a breathtaking museum-like immersive experience that left both parents and fellow students in awe.

Here's how they did it:

Each group carefully selected an animal they learned about from their class-assigned biome. Using black paper, the students took to drawing their chosen animals with incredible attention to detail and accuracy and cut out the end result. Using flashlights to create shadows of their animals, the students traced their creations on a larger scale. A massive white sheet of paper served as the canvas for the biome, where each group thoughtfully placed their animal, recreating a harmonious ecosystem.

The grand finale took place in the school’s auditorium, where special light effects were employed to bring the animal shadows to life. The room was bathed in different colored lights, each strategically chosen to highlight the unique characteristics of each biome.

What set this Makerspace Deep Dive apart was the captivating light and shadow experience that these young learners crafted, unlike any other. The makerspace curriculum at JCDS seamlessly integrates global studies, project-based learning, and service learning into the science units of study, providing students with an enriched educational experience that goes beyond traditional classroom learning much like this one.