Finally! A lazy run for everyone


Have you ever wanted to sign up for a race but don’t really like to run? No sweat! The 904 Now has you covered, with a lazy run for everyone!

The 904 Now presents the first-ever 0.5K Beer Run! (Yes, you read that right — 0.5K — or about three-tenths of a mile.) Slated for Feb. 25, the “run” begins at 9:04 a.m. sharp, starts at one end of St. George Street, and finishes at the other. There will be rest stops along the route, entertainment to keep everyone on track and, thanks to Ancient City Brewing, beer (or a beer alternative) to keep participants motivated.

Choosing the VIP ticket option gets you champagne and charcuterie at Bin 39, and shuttle service to the finish line by Old Town Cart. Proceeds will go to support Jimmy Jam Community Outreach, a nonprofit organization that offers hard-working people a helping hand. Over the years, Jimmy Jam has assisted St. Johns County folks with everything from purchasing laptops to paying unexpected medical or utility bills to helping struggling families make their mortgage payments.

Learn more about Jimmy Jam Community Outreach at

Now runners can help, too — just by strolling down St. George Street. So, quash that competitive spirit, grab your walking shoes and a refreshing beverage, and prepare to participate in the best “run” ever. And don’t worry about training — the slower you go, the better you’ll be.

To sign up, go to This could be the best race you’ll never run!