Bolles students reflect on Black history


During February’s Black History Month, students on the Bolles Lower School Ponte Vedra Beach Campus were encouraged to create artwork and write poems and stories about Black Americans who have made a positive impact on the world.

Eighteen students participated in the campuswide Black History Month art/writing contest, with students in pre-K through grade 1 making pieces of art and those in grades 2-5 submitting written works.

Black Americans featured in their reflections included: Garrett Morgan, the inventor of the stoplight; Patricia Bath, inventor of Laserphaco Probe (a device for cataract surgery); Otis Boykin, inventor of electrical resistors; Alexander Miles, inventor of the automatic elevator door; Frederick McKinley Jones, inventor of refrigeration; George Washington Carver, agricultural scientist; Anna Mangin, inventor of the pastry fork; and Valerie Thomas, inventor of the illusion transmitter.

The following Bulldogs were recognized for their participation in the contest at the March 8 Flag held in George Hall: Eden ’37, Will ’36, Sedef ’36, Estelle ’36, Jackson ’36, Lucy ’35, Noah ’35, Ara ’35, Jagger ’34, Jaxon ’33, Seraya ’33, McKenzie ’33, Sophia ’32, Mycah Grace ’32, Sophie ’32, Milly ’32, Miya ’31 and Sarah ’31.