Birthdays at Adventure Landing: fun and carefree


A child’s birthday is one day of the year that parents work so hard to make perfect for their children.  Decorating a space with your child’s current favorite theme, setting up a space for delicious food and birthday treats and planning games to entertain the children — nothing short of becoming an amazing event planner for the day!

The payoff of seeing all of the kids happy and having fun is always worth the work, but sometimes don’t you wish you could just find a way to skip the work and focus on the fun, too? Look no further than Adventure Landing — the home of the “No-Hassle Birthday Party”!

At Adventure Landing, there is nothing you need to worry about except relaxing and watching your child enjoy their special day. Or, you can join in the fun, too. They have trained party captains to host and organize the party. The parties include 90 minutes of table time, which includes all paper goods needed to enjoy food and treats at the party. They even decorate the table as well, which includes balloons.

All birthday party packages include pizza or hot dogs and soda, and you’re welcome to bring a specialty themed cake or cupcakes for your little one’s special day. Don’t worry, the kids will have plenty to do as they enjoy arcade games, mini golf, go-karts, Laser Tag or — starting March 15 — Shipwreck Island Waterpark.

Plus, the birthday honoree receives some special perks by getting additional redemption tickets for that special toy or prize from the arcade, a customized group birthday photo to remember for years to come, and a free three-attraction pass to use on a future visit.

If your child happens to be a bit older and wants a little more freedom and flexibility, Adventure Landing also offers a teen party package, which doesn’t include table time but offers more time to enjoy the attractions at their own leisure.

Whether you are planning a birthday party for a younger child, or an older one, Adventure Landing will take care of all of the party planning so you don’t have to. And perhaps the best part is that the adults don’t have to do any clean-up after the party is over.

Right now, Adventure Landing is offering some great ways to save and get your bang for your buck. If you book your party to be held Monday through Friday, you’ll get an extra 100 free arcade tokens to distribute to the party however you wish. Plus, you can get $20 off any party package by going to their website at and downloading the coupon.

They also offer online invitations that you can download from the website so you don’t have to spend money on birthday invitations either. If you have special take-home goodies you’d like to give to everyone at the party, just bring them with you and they’ll include them in their goodie bags, which are given to the party guests.

So, are you ready to make your child’s birthday party an amazing day of fun without all of the stress that comes from hosting it yourself? It’s time to finally relax and let someone else do all of the work.