Amber’s Turn carries on consignment tradition


Amber Fuchs has always appreciated a great deal, and that’s why she has long been a patron of consignment shops. Because the stock is previously owned — though still of high quality and sometimes even new condition — it is available at a bargain.

Having a daughter in 2018 gave new meaning to Fuchs’ love of consignment shopping. That’s when she discovered a kids’ consignment store called Amy’s Turn in Neptune Beach, where she bought pretty much everything her daughter needed.

In the meantime, Fuchs opened a consignment store of her own. It is called YOLO Luxury Consignment and is accessible online exclusively. Because it debuted just before the world locked down to wait out the pandemic, it met a need for those who could not visit brick-and-mortar stores, which brought YOLO success.

Then, in 2021, she learned that the owners of Amy’s Turn planned to close the shop. Fuchs, who has a background in corporate buying and inventory management, thought she could help them keep the store open but soon learned that they simply wanted to retire.

“But they were very hopeful that someone else in their local area would carry on the tradition,” Fuchs said.

Thus, an opportunity presented itself. She took over the business and tweaked the name just a bit to reflect the change.

Amber’s Turn opened last August.

The shop offers children’s clothing, sizes infant to 14, as well as strollers, car seats, cribs, swings, bouncers, blankets and more.

“Anything that you might need to help you get started and keep your kids happy and healthy,” Fuchs said.

But it would be a mistake to confuse the shop with a thrift store. Fuchs carefully chooses what items she puts up for sale.

“We select the product based on condition and also what the inventory need is within the store,” Fuchs said. “So, we can provide what our shoppers are looking for through the selection process.”

She also ensures that the stock is priced at a fair market value. That way, the shoppers save money while the consigners see the best possible return on their items.

This is made possible by conducting full-market research. In fact, Fuchs has one person dedicated to just that.

“We want to make sure that we’re offering the most competitive and fair market value for a product,” she said.

This is particularly important because customers can also shop Amber’s Turn online, where it’s very easy to compare prices.

So, Fuchs always tries to see things through the eyes of her customers, a task made easier by her own years of consignment shopping.

When something is sold, the store splits the profit with the consigner.

One of the benefits of consignment shops is that they are good for the environment. Buying something that is not brand new helps to reduce a shopper’s carbon footprint. It’s something Fuchs cares deeply about. She also participates in beach cleanups and volunteers with the Beach Turtle Patrol.

Amber’s Turn is located at 1541 Atlantic Blvd., Neptune Beach. It’s open Monday by appointment in the morning and then from 1 to 5 p.m. Hours for Tuesday through Saturday are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

To shop online or learn more about consignment at Amber’s Turn, go to

The shop can also be contacted via email at


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